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Eventi e Formazione

Eventi e Formazione / Eventi / 20-10-2017

Mobility Challenge 2017

Torino, 20 - 21 Ottobre 2017

Electric vehicles powered by electricity from renewable sources represent the sustainable mobility solution.
Of the future, so-called e-mobility has a crucial role in the new energy world. Mobility Challenge is the opportunity of direct contact with the technologies, experiences and opportunities of mobility National and international electricity that will take place from 20 to 21 September 2017 in Torino -Palazzo della Tesoreria.
Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular: according to the latest agency report International Renewable Energy (IRENA), the number of electric vehicles worldwide has exceeded the Two million in 2016. This development was mainly driven by China, the United States,Japan and several European countries where Norway stands out. A total of 50 million electric vehicles are expected on roads around the world by 2030. Due to the increasing demand for vehicle energy electrical, a distributed charging infrastructure is therefore required and capable of charging fast. Market volume should surpass $ 45 billion in 2025.
The new platform for the future, charging infrastructure, is a crucial topic for defining solutions and technologies related to e-mobility infrastructure, showing how electric vehicles can be perfect complement to a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy.
The event is the meeting point of industry for stakeholders, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors of power and power distributors, start-ups. In the emerging e-mobility and transport area.
Expected speakers, exhibitors and visitors come from Public institutions, automotive, technology and energy; The initiative also approaches the Business operators and manufacturers of innovative mobility products as well as representatives various cities and communities, and citizens. Mobility Challenge offers a panorama of the current and future situation of the sector, know trends, developments and business models for future-oriented and sustainable mobility, with particular attention to traction batteries for electric vehicles as well as solutions and technologies.

Energy in the transport sector.
Focus on batteries and energy storage for traction, as well as solutions and technologies
For clean mobility, identifies a further topic on which to contribute, through a constructive comparison, toOutline possible developments. Innovative producers, suppliers, distributors and start-ups and researchers, in This growing industry, will be promoted by Mobility Challenge to present innovations, New developments and business models. Further theme, sharing and more generally forms of sharing and interconnection for the use of Services related to this new vision of mobility, completes the framework that Mobility Challenge intendsFocusing on the contribution of public and private stakeholders by favoring and supporting the approach to Transition phase.





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