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Electricity Market Design - Fit for Net Zero

29 marzo 2023 | Brussels


We are now living through crucial times that will define the future of Europe’s energy market. The ongoing, gas-driven, energy crisis highlights the need to perfect the current electricity market design.  

In particular, the ongoing crisis has revealed the need to consistently pass on the benefits of renewables’ – and other low-carbon technologies’ – lower generation costs to consumers and urgently reduce Europe’s fossil fuel dependence.  

To do that, what we need is an evolution, not a revolution of the system. A market-design fit for a net-zero power system shall build on the current internal EU energy market and its key features (cost-efficiency, cross-border exchanges, and competition between market players) while complementing it to: 

  • Enable consumers to benefit from cheaper clean and renewable energy 
  • Strengthen investment signals to power the necessary electrification rates 
  • Meet the evolving requirements of Europe’s power system for flexibility and decentralisation.

How to achieve it? 

Eurelectric and its Knowledge Partner Compass Lexecon are currently working on a key study on how to future-proof Europe’s current electricity market design to reach net zero.  Market Design event in Brussels. 

he key findingswill be presented on 29 March, from 14,00, at Market Design event in Brussels.

Elettricità Futura is member of Eurelectric.

Click here for more details on programme and here for free registration.



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